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Podcast Listening, Easier Than Ever

Podcast Listening, Easier Than Ever

Have you listened to a podcast? If yes, how do you listen?

There are numerous podcasts available on thousands of topics from news to spirituality to health care (to name a few). Listening to a podcast is a great way to optimize your time while driving, waiting at an airport, or exercising, especially if you are interested in learning more information that you may not have the time to read about. Podcast listening gives you the opportunity to explore your interests.

The easiest way to listen to a podcast is by installing an app on your phone or tablet. There are podcast apps that are far more user-friendly than the one from Apple that came pre-installed on your iPhone.

Overcast (iPhone) and Castbox (Android) are free apps you can download. Follow the steps below and begin listening:
Podcast step by step


Happy Listening!

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