Are You Fascinating?

image created by: /archives/2013/06/ friday-youtube-every- time-spock-says- fascinating/

image created by: archives/2013/06/ friday-youtube- every-time-spock- says-fascinating/

It all started when I took this crazy test to figure out how I’m fascinating.

Turns out, I’m a Maverick Leader. Basically, that means that when I am asked to do something requiring unflagging attention to painstaking details, my imagination sees me, slowly, sliding under the table and hoping no one notices while I crawl out the door. My special skill is surprising a room full of people with a solution that nobody else thought of.

This likely explains why I’m a long-time entrepreneur. And also why I’ve built a team that includes some of the most passionately detail-oriented people in this industry. They adore superscripts, they go in for 6-point type and lots of decimal places. They soundly defeat brutally strict Regulatory Review processes. They need me and I sure need them. We work well together.

Here’s the universal rub. Whenever anybody, including you and me, spends too much time doing what we’re not passionate about, our energy drains. We sink into a murky, anxious and frustrating place. Not that I often go around quoting Donald Trump, but I like what he said here:

“If you are interested in balancing work and pleasure, stop trying to balance them. Instead make your work more pleasurable.” ~ Donald Trump

Here’s both my point and my epiphany:

  1. Taking this “fascination test” is very gratifying because it gives you permission to be exactly who you are. I recommend it. Find the link [HERE]. At a minimum, use it to better align your energy with your talent.
  2. Many pharma brand teams hire consultants to handle their strategic thinking or higher-level work because they’re too busy keeping up with other tasks.Get ready for some of my innovative thinking on display: Hire us to “block and tackle” so you can do what you love and why you took your job in the first place. (You knew it would come back to Franklyn eventually, admit it.) Let us manage the tasks that destroy your ability to concentrate on what you’re really good at. And that’s a problem because these activities– the ones you can barely find time for — are the activities that will, for real, move the needle for your brand.

Some of the largest companies in the world work with Franklyn and have the results to show for it. It’s clear that a team that spends the most time on the most productive activities is actually the most productive.

I made up a simple chart that shows what we have done for others to overcome this “no time” problem from an editorial perspective. If you work for a pharma company, payer, medical device company or established technology firm, [CLICK  HERE] and I’d be happy to send it to you.

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