Increasing Pharma Sales in a Tough Managed Market Environment With Everyday B2B Hand Tools

I read a lot of articles on content marketing, like this one: Keeping Content from Getting Lost. Content marketing is not news across most industries. Do a search on the term and you’ll get 982 million results.

Every time I read an article about Content Marketing, I think of our pharma marketing clients. I see two ways that content marketing applies to pharma: online and off-line. Most people don’t think of content marketing as having non-digital relevance; but I’ve never been most people.

Today, I’m contemplating only the off-line aspect … maybe because over the past week I’ve spoken with 17 DMs, each one for over an hour. My task is to help them increase sales of a particular product in a tough managed market environment. I listen to their challenges, I look at the managed market data for their district, and we discuss how they can bend their curve. Tomorrow.

In my opinion, one of the best ways to drive sales is to stop hard-selling the product and start considering why the HCP needs the product.

“People don’t buy a drill. They buy a hole.”

More than half of physicians and HCPs participate in ACOs or Medical Homes right now. What HCPs need are ways to meet the demands of these new compensation, reimbursement and management entities. The DM and sales team have a huge opportunity to engage with these individuals with meaningful, relevant content.

rogers innovation curve

What does this content look like? It looks like a conversation. It looks like the sales rep discussing with the HCP the quality standards that they are being tasked to achieve, talking about how others are working to reach those standards, and then. Finally. Showing how the pharma product is part of that standard of care.

Is this easy to implement nationwide? No. How do you do it? The only way to convince the masses is to convince a few individuals first. These few then talk everybody else into the idea. That’s why we work with selected DMs who have been identified as Early Adopters. Some call this a “pilot,” but it’s a pilot built to scale organically.

Don’t let me lead you to believe we came up with this highly successful best practice on our own. We simply follow the guidance of top innovation adoption experts like Seth Godin and Geoffrey Moore and Everett Rogers. It’s also the thinking that drives every single KOL program pharma has ever unleashed.

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