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For the latest employer health care trends, see “Rising Employer Trend Impacts Prescription Medication Coverage Decisions” >

Build Impactful Employer Relationships and Drive Brand Utilization

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are increasingly engaging empowered employers as crucial health care stakeholders. They have also realized that talking to employers the same way they talk to payers isn’t effective. And that’s why we are actively being brought in to offer insights and solutions that safeguard and advance brand performance.

Aventria Health Group is the only pharmaceutical marketing agency that has a long history of communicating and working with employers, the primary purchasers of health care in the US and beyond. Our proven approach to finding and working with the right employers leads to measurable success for our pharmaceutical clients. For example, in one Aventria program:

  • Employer saved $1.5M due to greater screening and adherence and reduced adverse events, resulting in demonstrably better pharmaceutical value
  • Pharma client achieved #1 rating by employer customers in 11 of 12 total Health Industries Research Companies categories
  • Implemented in 42 major cities … 60% market saturation
  • Won internal pharma Marketing Excellence Award as a “best practice”

Our Proprietary Employer Programs Are Designed to Support Brand Goals

Employer Segmentation Tool™ – Find and focus on the right employers to accomplish your brand objectives

  • Identifies and segments key employers using our proprietary database and algorithm

Employer/Health Purchaser Advisory Board™ – Identify actionable insights

  • In-person or virtual event
  • Representation from stakeholders that impacts employee coverage and utilization
  • Logistics, content, and submissions
  • Key learnings and recommendations report from event

Workplace Playbooks™ – Give employers the exact tool they need to realize the full value of your brand

  • Developed at the disease-state level
  • Help employers keep employees productive and present in the workplace
  • Employee case studies/visual aids (presented from the employee perspective)
  • Stepwise best-practice rollout plan giving employers the exact information needed to rollout a successful program

Employer National Outreach Action Plan™ – Ensure a meaningful, impactful first touch with employers by providing on-point messaging

  • Tactical plan for major employer/purchaser conferences
  • Strategy and communications
  • Employer-focused brand value propositions
  • Presentations and leave-behind resources
For the latest employer health care trends, see “Rising Employer Trend Impacts Prescription Medication Coverage Decisions” >

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