The Blank Page Panic Attack

“Every poem, every page of fiction I have written, has been written with anxiety, occasionally panic, always uncertainty about its reception. Every life decision I have made—from changing jobs, to changing partners, to changing homes—has been taken with trepidation.

I have not ceased being fearful, but I have ceased to let fear control me.”   –Erica Jong

Fountain pen

Our client Kim hired us to write, and send, all the email communications for a rep contest; we were having a meeting about it today. At one point, Kim said, “It’s so much easier to edit. There is nothing harder than staring at a blank page.” She was giving some advice to a younger colleague and it struck me on the drive home how sage that advice really was.

Kim is totally right. Filling blank pages requires not only knowledge, creativity and a defined point of view, but also confidence. It’s a risk to put in writing thoughts that are wholly yours. Are you willing to put your ideas on display, in stark black and white? Are you fearless enough to slide that exposed, vulnerable piece of yourself across the table to your boss or your peers?

Innovators are ok with blank pages. Our best clients are ok with blank pages. Our agency has had the opportunity to collaborate with some fearless and extraordinary people, and for that we are truly grateful.

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