The pharma brand marketing paradox

paththroughswampIt’s not news that traditional brand marketing and selling is becoming increasingly ineffective. EPG just came out with a study, one amongst many, that showed HCPs are, in general, not that interested in what pharma companies have to say about their products. Surprised? Probably not.

But here’s the paradox: Senior management often demands brands sell the brand, after they sell the brand, while selling the brand. Pharma marketers apparently aren’t working unless brand logos are wallpapering America. Is the full-frontal direct confrontation pill-pusher route the fastest way to success?

I say no. I say pharma can no longer afford the luxury of solely pushing its own objectives. 

This is what content marketing or native advertising or product placement (there are many words for the same idea) is all about. The name of the game is to communicate with customers without selling. Instead of pitching products or hard selling services, focus on creating and delivering valuable information that educates prospective buyers.

It’s been well proven in CPG that if a brand consistently gives customers something of value without selling it to them, the brand will definitely earn not only customer trust and loyalty, but also their business.

I’d suggest that today and in the future, brand detailing should be considered one part of a well-aligned strategy based on customer needs.


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