Pinnacle Expertise

Extend your account team by utilizing technology strategically

S.T.E.M. Sell (Sales Team Extended Messaging) primes the market with reach and frequency of needs-based messaging enabling faster, confident closing by your sales field

  • Reach and frequency beyond personal engagement
  • Personalized, intelligent lead generation
  • Drives messaging to augment field selling
  • Supports field productivity

Provide resources and support directly through EHR systems

EHR CareCart™ allows your organization to offer customized tools to healthcare providers and patients on demand at the most relevant time to support therapeutic choice, adherence, better outcomes and cost savings

  • Provider and patient education
  • Coding and billing information
  • Education and reimbursement support

Utilize technology to streamline account management resources

Digital innovations that are tailored to your account managers allowing them to satisfy their clients’ needs quickly and easily (with just a few taps or clicks)

  • Customized apps
  • iPad asset coordination
  • Resource database management systems