ZappRx may or may not be a full-featured eRx system

ZappRx Logo

Reach: Two doctors in NYC are currently beta-testing ZappRx.

Description: It’s hard to tell from their website, which talks about a lot: offering patients access to prescription information (is it some kind of Personal Health Record?), the ability to manage insurance claims through a HIPAA compliant app, as well as expediting pharmacy visits and making sure patients don’t pick up the wrong dose or medication.

Relevance to Pharma: ePrescribing systems are forbidden to influence prescribing choice, so any embedded pharma communications would have to be delivered after the prescribing decision. That still leaves the opportunity to deliver copay coupons or adherence materials. But even the largest ePrescribing systems have trouble justifying the expense of the setup vs potential return, mostly due to fragmented reach.

With only two ZappRx users at the moment, we’re clearly looking at a slight problem here.

Plan of Action: Take a “watch and see” approach. Look in on them in 6-8 months.

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